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Fraktal Venture Studio, your All-Inclusive Startup Journey

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Gain Traction.
Raise Funding.

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Idea Validation & Customer Discovery

Meet with our seasoned startup advisors to solidify your Unique Value Proposition (UVP) and validate your business idea before spending a single dollar on development.


MVP Development

Our expert development team will bring your idea to life, creating a Minimum Viable Product within budget to test assumptions and get user feedback.


Marketing & Sales

With the MVP in place, our marketing and sales specialists will drive your first customers and ensure you gain traction in the market to generate initial revenue and pitch to future investors.


Investor Campaign & Fundraising

Once ready, we’ll introduce you to our partners for a Regulation D fundraising campaign, connecting you with potential investors while coaching you every step of the way.


Fraktal Ventures considers applications on a rolling basis. This means that there is no specific date by which you need to complete the application.

We are looking for early-stage founders, startups or companies that have a stablished process that is ready for automation (MVP building). These are companies that are ready to start MVP development and are looking for end-to-end alternatives to significantly increase their chances of success.

We have been in the MVP building world for a while and are entirely against companies learning through custom software at early stages. Companies that develop a custom coded MVP should have already proven enough hypotheses utilizing alternatives (such as no/low code platforms, manual processes etc.) to reduce the risk of non-adoption when launching a custom coded MVP.

We are committed to supporting companies long term. In this regard, while the MVP building program can last from 6 months to a year, (depending on the company’s ability to leverage value from the tools offered in the program) the relationships built throughout the program will continue to add value for years to come. 

You will receive a mentorship and guidance that is specific to the stage of the program. In this regard, in the ideation phase, you will be working with a company that specializes in ideation for strategic product development. During the development phase, you will be accompanied by a team of experts that will align with the strategic vision of your product do deliver value through software development. This will also be the case for the launch, and fundraising stages.

Companies are not required to give up any equity in exchange for participation. Any equity related conversations would be held independently between the company and potential investors as part of the fundraising stage.

We will be financing up to 40% of the total cost of your product’s development and taking you to the point where your company is ready to start scaling. To join the program, your company should have an allocated budget (the amount varies from company to company, and is discussed independently to ensure a good match between the parties) to develop the product, and take advantage of supporting activities.